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Our Mission: To elevate canine health from the ground up.

Our Vision: Improved health for all creatures and the planet they inhabit, starting with dogs.

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The RISOBiotics™ microbiome support Team

Natasha Lilly, DVM, CVA


Since graduating from UC Davis with honors and a focus on Equine Medicine, Dr Lilly has continued her ongoing quest for options in health including certifications in acupuncture (IVAS 2010) and Chinese Herbal Medicine (Chi Institute 2012). She has also worked and studied under Dr Barbara Royal at the Royal Animal Treatment Center and under the continued mentorship of Dr. Jaymie Noland of Cal Poly, San Luis Osbispo where she applies her passion for holistic approaches in her practice in California. In addition, Dr Lilly continues to lecture and co-operates a working ranch.

Dr Lilly explores solutions for big world problems that can be appreciated best through the eyes of nature. This has led her to begin working alongside top leaders and researchers in regenerative agriculture through the Center for Regenerative Agriculture at Chico State University.

Steve Brown


Nutritional researcher, founder, and formulator of the first AAFCO-compliant and commercially available raw food diet in the US, author of 2 better-selling canine nutrition books, and a frequent lecturer/speaker at veterinary and dog-health related conferences. Steve is a well-respected voice in the field of pet nutrition. He is passionate about helping our pets through teaching veterinarians, industry professionals, and pet parents how to formulate and feed ancestral-style, fresh meat-based diets that meet US and European nutrient standards.

Erika Martin


For over 20 years, Erika Martin has been a leader in noteworthy businesses across multiple sectors, including category frontrunners in the medical, ad agency, and beverage industries. Most recently, she held a key executive role leading operations and business development for a regional respiratory firm that became the number one provider in the region. She prides herself in building businesses by turning strategy into reality through tenacious execution, focusing on operational efficiency, exceeding financial targets, and inspiring teams. Erika holds a BA from The University of Wisconsin and currently resides in San Luis Obispo where she loves being outdoors with her two daughters and family mascot Bentley.

David C. Johnson, Ph.D.


David is a molecular biologist conducting research at the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Research at New Mexico State University and an Adjunct Professor in the Regenerative Agricultural Initiative at California State University, Chico. He works with growers, Arizona State University, Texas A&M, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Globetrotter Foundation, and the Thornburg Foundation.

He is currently conducting metagenomics analysis on soil microbial community structures for development of agricultural management systems that improve soil fertility, mitigate atmospheric CO2, and reduce pollution resulting from conventional agriculture practices. He has spoken at international conferences, instructed soil biology and environmental management classes at NMSU, and has co-authored seven articles, conference proceedings or conference presentations, and one book chapter on bio-hydrogen.

Tim LaSalle, Ph.D.


Co-Founder of CRA; Director of Outreach & Development; Adjunct Professor College of Agriculture

Tim has served as the first CEO of Rodale Institute, Executive Director of the Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management, consultant, advisor, and research coordinator for the Howard Buffett Foundation in Africa on soils and food security for smallholder farmers. He is Professor Emeritus of California Polytechnic State University, and former President/CEO, of the California Agricultural Leadership Program where he arranged educational leadership programs in more than 80 countries with heads of state, ministers, and community leaders.

Holly Ganz, Ph.D.


Dr. Holly Ganz is a microbiologist turned entrepreneur. In 2016, she left academic research at UC Davis to create AnimalBiome, an Oakland-based biotech company that provides cutting-edge microbiome assessments for dogs and cats and creates restorative remedies to help promote healthy guts. Dr. Ganz received her PhD from UC Davis, where she studied co-evolution between microbes and animals. After receiving her doctorate, she was a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley, where she studied how bacterial pathogens survive in soil to infect wildlife. She subsequently applied microbial genomics to study the canine oral microbiome, as a visiting scientist at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Ganz is dedicated to improving animal health and wellness through applying the latest innovations in microbiology. 

Christopher A. Lowry, Ph.D.


Christopher A. Lowry, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrative Physiology, Center for Neuroscience, and Center for Microbial Exploration at the University of Colorado Boulder, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and Center for Neuroscience, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, a Principal Investigator in the Department of Veterans Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System, VA Rocky Mountain Mental Illness Research, Education, & Clinical Center (MIRECC), director of the Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory at CU Boulder, Co-Director of the Military and Veteran Microbiome Consortium for Research and Education (MVM-CoRE), and Senior Fellow and member of the Board of Directors of inVIVO Planetary Health, of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). Dr. Lowry was recently awarded a Young Investigator award from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, a National Science Foundation CAREER award, and the Donald F. Klein Early Career Investigator Award from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

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