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The Science Behind RISOBiotics™

microbiome support


Kids' behavior, socioeconomic risk linked to gut microbiome composition, function. Oregon State University.

A study of early school-aged children shows a connection between the bacteria in their gut and their behavior, and that parents play a key role in their kids' microbiome beyond the food they provide.

Gut microbiome composition and diversity are related to human personality traits; Katerina V.A.Johnson; Human Microbiome Journal, 21 December 2019, 100069.

Highlights • Investigation of gut microbiome composition and diversity with respect to human personality. • Analyses targeted bacterial genera linked to behaviour in animal and human psychiatric studies. • Bacterial genera were modelled (using negative binomial regression) with respect to personality. • Genera linked to autism are also related to social behaviour in the general population. • Sociability is associated with higher diversity, and anxiety and stress with reduced diversity.

The microbiota regulate neuronal function and fear extinction learning. Chu C, Murdock MH, Jing D, et al. Nature. 2019; 574(7779):543-8. doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1644-y.

Microbiota and the Social Brain. Science 366, 1 November 2019

Healthy fat hidden in dirt may fend off anxiety disorders; C. Lowry;

Why dirt may be nature’s original stress-buster; C. Lowry;

Microbiota-gut-brain axis and cognitive function. M. Gareau; Adv Exp Med Biol. 2014;817:357-71. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-0897-4_16.

How Microbiomes Affect Fear, Elean Renken, Quanta Magazine, Dec 4, 2019. 

Microbes and the Mind: How Bacteria Shape Affect, Neurological Processes, Cognition, Social Relationships, Development, and Pathology; L Smith, Perspectives on Psychological Science, March 28, 2019.

This article reviews the ways in which bacteria shape affect, neurological processes, cognition, social relationships, development, and psychological pathology.

The neuroactive potential of the human gut microbiota in quality of life and depression; Mireia Valles-Colomer et al. Nature Microbiology volume 4, pages 623–632(2019);


I Contain Multitudes; The microbes within us and a grander view of life, by Ed Yong. 2016

The Human Microbiota in Health and Disease, an ecological and community-based approach, by Michael Wilson, 2019

Never Home Alone. From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets, and Honeybees, the Natural History of Where We Live. by Rob Dunn.

Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing Immune System by Jack Gilbert, Rob Knight. 2017

The Whole-Body Microbiome: How to Harness Microbes-Inside and Out-for Lifelong Health by Brett Finlay, Jessica Finley, 2019

Let them Eat Dirt, Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World, 2016 by Brett Finlay, Jessica Finley, 2019.

Eat Dirt: Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root Cause of Your Health Problems and 5 Surprising Steps to Cure It, Josh Axe. 2016

Gut Microbiota, Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health. Dr Edward Ishigkuro et al, Academic Press, 2018


Formulation assistance and software program: Animal Diet Formulator, web based software for individuals, professionals and commercial users looking to formulate fresh, balanced, species appropriate diets for dogs and cats.

Formulation books: Unlocking the Ancestral Diet, by Steve Brown; Dogwise Publishing, 2010,  


Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems, California State University, Chico. 

Dr. David Johnson, Lecture on Regenerative Agriculture 

Build your own Johnson-Su Bioreactor: 


Are noncommunicable diseases communicable? B. B Finlay et al; Science 17 Jan 2020: Vol. 367, Issue 6475, pp. 250-251 DOI: 10.1126/science.aaz3834

Numerous noncommunicable diseases could have a transmissible microbial component

Skin microbiota and allergic symptoms associate with exposure to environmental microbes; Jenni Lehtimäki, Hanna Sinkko, Anna Hielm-Björkma; 

“Allergies were most common in dogs living in urban environments and having an urban lifestyle, whereas the lowest prevalence was associated with rural environments and rural lifestyle. Urban-type lifestyle seemed almost to double the prevalence of allergies in dogs living in rural environments compared with dogs with rural-type lifestyle in rural environments.”

Innate Immunity and Asthma Risk in Amish and Hutterite Farm Children; M Stein et al; N Engl J Med 2016; 375:411-421 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1508749

“The results of our studies in humans and mice indicate that the Amish environment provides protection against asthma by engaging and shaping the innate immune response.”

Farm-like indoor microbiota in non-farm homes protects children from asthma development Nature Medicine (2019) 

Bacteria found in Irish soil destroyed four out of six superbugs, say scientists: 

Post-Antibiotic Gut Mucosal Microbiome Reconstitution Is Impaired by Probiotics and Improved by Autologous FMT. Jotham Suez, et al; Cell vol 174, issue 6, Sept 06, 2018. 

The Human Microbiome: at the interface of health and disease. Nature Reviews, Genetics Cho, Blase March 2012 

“Eating dirt can be good for the belly, researchers find.” University of Chicago Press Journals; ScienceDaily, 4 June 2011.

Does Soil Contribute to the Human Gut Microbiome? Blum et al; Microorganisms. 2019 Aug 23;7(9). pii: E287. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms7090287.

“We propose a novel environmental microbiome hypothesis, which implies that a close linkage between the soil microbiome and the human intestinal microbiome has evolved during evolution and is still developing.”

Soil exposure modifies the gut microbiota and supports immune tolerance in a mouse model; Ottoman et al; The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Vol 143, March 2019.

“Our results provide evidence of the role of environmentally acquired microbes in alleviating against TH2-driven inflammation, which relates to allergic diseases.”

Nature-derived microbiota exposure as a novel immunomodulatory approach; Future Microbiology, vol 13, No 7. May, 2018. Noora Nurminen, et al.

Maternal microbiota in pregnancy and early life. The maternal microbiota shape offspring development, including susceptibility to some illnesses, B. McDonald; Science, 6 September 2019, VOL 365 ISSUE 6457,

How Bacteria Help Regulate Blood Pressure; By Veronique Greenwood, Quanta Magazine, November 30, 2017;

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